Project Introduction

MON (9183): Integrated Livelihoods Improvements and Sustainable Tourism in Khuvsgul Lake National Park Project

Main Introduction

ТӨСЛИЙН САНХҮҮЖҮҮЛЭГЧ БАЙГУУЛЛАГА: Азийн Хөгжлийн банк /АХБ, Ядуурлыг Бууруулах Японы сан /JFPR
ТӨСЛИЙН ГҮЙЦЭТГЭГЧ БАЙГУУЛЛАГА: Байгаль орчин, аялал жуулчлалын яам
ТӨСӨЛ ХЭРЭГЖҮҮЛЭГЧ БАЙГУУЛЛАГА: Хөвсгөлийн улсын тусгай хамгаалалттай газрын хамгаалалтын захиргаа, Хөвсгөл аймаг, Хатгал тосгон
ТӨСЛИЙН САНХҮҮЖИЛТ: Буцалтгүй тусламж
ТӨСӨЛ ХЭРЭГЖИХ ХУГАЦАА: 2016/03-2019/12 сар
ТӨСӨЛ ХЭРЭГЖИХ СУМД: Хөвсгөл аймаг (Алаг-Эрдэнэ, Цагаан-Үүр, Чандмань-Өндөр, Ханх, Рэнчинлхүмбэ сумд, Хатгал тосгон)

Impact and Outcome

Impacts will be (i) per capita income in five soums of Khuvsgul aimag increased, and (ii) management of natural resources in the KLNP improved. The outcome will be livelihoods and sustainable tourism in five soums of the KLNP improved and integrated.


Project will have three outputs: (i) community-based tourism in Khatgal and Khankh settlements promoted, (ii) capacity for sustainable livestock and pasture management in the KLNP and buffer zone improved, and (iii) waste management around Khuvsgul Lake strengthened.

Output 1. Community-based tourism in Khatgal and Khankh settlements promoted.

Output 1 will (i) establish the first pilot comanagement tourism group for the KLNP, comprising the KLNP Administration, communities, tour operators, and soum governments; (ii) develop a stakeholder vision, targets, and codes of practice for tourism; and (iii) promote and strengthen community-based tourism, including household-scale enterprises such as guiding, handicrafts, and the provision of food supplies to guest houses.

Output 2. Capacity for sustainable livestock and pasture management in the Khuvsgul Lake National Park and buffer zone improved.

Output 2 will (i) establish herder groups among the herding families in the KLNP and buffer zone; (ii) establish herder management plans for each herder group that are tailored to local conditions, including optimal stocking densities and pasture management; and (iii) support income diversification for herder families, especially those with limited opportunities for tourism-based income. Output 2 will use scientific and traditional knowledge available for the KLNP to support the herder management plans and improved grazing practices.

Output 3. Waste management around Khuvsgul Lake strengthened.

Output 3 will (i) implement a water quality monitoring program tailored to the project activities, including a rapid assessment of threats to the water quality of Khuvsgul Lake; (ii) establish a pilot community-led waste management program, including waste management teams, the installation of low environmental impact toilet facilities and litter bins, and the phasing in of public campsite fees to fund team salaries and facility operation and maintenance (O&M); and (iii) conduct a best-practice review on the internal zoning of the KLNP, including scientific and traditional knowledge and stakeholder consultation, to identify zones that maximize benefits to livelihoods, tourism, and conservation

Position Name Email Address
Project manager Erdenejargal.T
Implementation specialist Bayarmagnai.D
Accountant Sarangua.A
Position Name Email Address
Coordinator Gantumur.B
Eco tourism specialist Battumur.S
Livestock and Pasture management specialist Gerelmaa
Waste management specialist Delgurmurun.G
Rural finance specialist Dagiisuren.Ts
Income generation specialist Batmunkh.M
Agriculture processing specialist Sodgerel.O
Protected area specialist Munguntulga.B
Gender and Social specialist Enkhtuya
Khank soum Uyanga.B
Driver Gunzsambuu.G -